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To update your profile information, you can to contact Promilo team through the contact calling us. Or You can do it by clicking in Edit account details in My profile section. However, you can, at anytime, reset your password, also at My Profile section.

An ad is the entity composed of different settings you can select, such as geo targeting, Industry, Functional Area & Designation, creative, etc, that will be displayed to your targeted audience. You can organize your ads in Campaigns. You can create a new ad by clicking on add campiagn in the dashboard, or in My ads/ Create an ad.

Your ads will be displayed to the promilo member website & app, according to the definitions of placement, targeting and schedule you have selected.

You pay for your ads in CPA (cost per appointment). It means that we will charge you a fixed price for every appointment that you pickup from us based to your target audience.

Targeting options are settings you apply to your ads to narrow down the reach of your ads to a specific audience.

Targeting options are available according to the ad products available to you in the add campaing section. Geo targeting, Industry wise, functional area wise, designation wise, expereince wise are examples of targeting options that can be available during ad creation.

You can can stop or pause an ad from the ad manager section. When you do so, the ad will stop display to members. Promilo can, however, cancel or pause your ads at anytime, according to the Terms and Conditions. If that happens, you will be notified via email. Also in case of deactivating the ad will also impact the already schedule appointment in the appointment panel

For active ads, you can edit the following given targeting options: geo targeting, Industry, functional, designation, expereince and time targeting. For ads part of campaigns that are in the cart, you can edit all selected settings in the Ad Details page. You cannot edit finished ads.

You can check if your ad or creatives have been canceled or paused in the Ad Details Page. You can also contact Promilo by submitting your message in the Contact form. The form is represented by the question mark at the bottom of every page.

You can submit: - Only Video files, You can submit Video file in the formats Youtube link. You can also add a tracking script to your video files. - Third party tags Third party tags/Third party scripts are snippets of HTML5 code that contains an video. They are provided by third party vendors or partners which generate browser calls to external third party servers. With a Third party tag you can verify and track your ads. - Native ads Native ads are ad formats which have predefined components that you can use to create your ad. In fields that are predefined in the Self-service Platform, you can add your logo, headline & description, to create your ad. This allows for a more flexible and easy way to design your ads.

You can submit creatives(s) during the ad creation flow; by editing ads you have in the cart or by accessing My ads/ Ad Details Page for created/active ads.

No, you cannot edit a creative for a running (active) ad, but you can pause/resume a creative or upload a new creative.

You can submit a new creative to an existing ad, both running (active) and inactive, in My ads/ Ad Details Page. However, you cannot submit new creatives for finished ads.

Yes, you can edit and upload new creatives for ads that are in the cart.

You can pay for your pick up appointment via Payment gateway - use any financial channel like Credit card, debit card, online transfer, UPI, Wallet etc

You will be charged only when you pick up the appointment

You can update your payment information at the checkout page.

You cannot edit the currency assigned to your account. For more information please contact Promilo by submitting your message in the Contact form. The form is represented by the question mark at the bottom of every page.

You can get a high level overview of your ads in My ads report section: Number of view, Number of appointment waiting for your confrimtion, Number pf appointment completed, etc In the Reports section, you can also download and schedule reports delivery, according to your needs.


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