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Sales Qualified Lead

How to get Sales Qualified lead & get ride off MQL & SAL lead

If you’re a business that sells a product or service to other businesses, you’ve probably thought about your ideal customer a lot. like

  1. What does your target audience look like?
  2. What types of businesses are best suited for your product or service?
  3. What methods are you using to acquire new customers?

As a small to medium-sized business, these are all important questions you should be asking. But does your business understand the importance of B2B appointment setting? A solid B2B appointment setting service is an essential component of B2B lead generation.

Let’s Understand, what is Direct Sale Appointment (SQL) | MQL | SAL?


Sales Qualified Lead

Direct Sale Appointment (SQL)

Direct Sale Appointment (SQL) is an appointment which is basically handle by your trained Sales reps who can understand his own solution appropriately and figure out the customer pain point area and connect his own solution to customer appropriately to get the deal closed.


Marketing Qualified Lead

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

MQL is a process where your expert marketing team will do multiple marketing on digital, ATL, BTL etc to reach your customer persona, to generate sizeable quantity of lead for the next level of lead qualification.


Sales Accepted Lead

Sales Accepted Lead (SAL)

SAL is a sale development activity that your SDR will perform to identify the lead quality & eligibility criteria to pursue that lead further on or not and accordingly book a sale appointment for expert sale team to take the discussion forward.

List of considerable activity required to perform MQL, SAL & Direct Sales Appointment (SQL)

MQL - Top heading list

  1. Define the Media Channel & audience persona
  2. Design Marketing Campaign content & creative
  3. Publish the campaign to your audience in multiple media channel
  4. Understanding, connecting & Making your customer click journey smooth
  5. Do multiple trial and error - with great spend on every campaign
  6. Capture analytics on every activity perform to optimise the existing or next campaign
  7. Forward generated lead to SDR to remove the junk lead

SAL - Top Heading list

  1. Do, email, cold call, jump on quick 15min call
  2. To & forth calling & follow up for 1st call
  3. Understanding the profile of individual and company
  4. Sending relevant detailed mail
  5. Qualifying & check eligibility criteria of lead
  6. Team & infrastructure cost for setting up the appointment for Expert sales team

Direct Sales Appointment Lead (SQL) - Top Heading list

  1. Need to join the appointment on the given specific date and time with concern decision maker to explore and close the deal

When designing a B2B lead generation program, appointment setting is something you should be very focused on perfecting. Appointment setting is the process in which prospects are delegated to sales reps so that closing reps only spend their time on qualified leads. Without an appointment setting process in place, you wouldn’t have very much success closing deals.

Proven B2B Appointment generation service to grow your Business.

Handling B2B appointment setting in-house can be a costly & challenging affair. Sales outsourcing to a team of professionals allows you to focus on improving your products or services and run your business. promilo.com is an experienced B2B lead generation company that can grow your company on your behalf. Our B2B appointment setting will understand your persona and learn your business so that we can make you reach your audience at zero marketing spent & get you fixed appointments with decision maker and help you close more deals.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, we act as an extension of your team no matter where you are. If you’re considering outsourcing your sales and marketing efforts, reach out to our team today.