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Lead Generation

Lead generation journey of MQL to SAL to SQL to Customer

At what point, exactly, should your marketing team hand off a lead to the sales team?

If you don’t know, or if there’s any confusion around when the lead should be transferred, you’re likely losing out on a healthy amount of potential revenue.

The point of transfer between marketing and sales is time-sensitive, and it can have a big impact on whether a lead eventually becomes a customer. Put another way — time kills leads.

Lead Generation

If leads are transferred to sales too early, the sales team will waste their time with prospects who aren’t ready to buy and haven’t been fully vetted. If leads are transferred to sales too late, the odds of losing leads to more timely competitors increase dramatically.

That’s why your entire team needs to work together to decide exactly when the handoff should happen. The criteria for the point of transfer should be revisited frequently, too, because your sales funnel requirements will need to adapt to meet the changing needs of your company as you grow and expand over time.

Quick Journey Understanding Of MQL – SAL – SQL - Customer

Lead generation journey is normally followed to bring the revenue which require time, team, expertise, effort, efficiency & cost. It’s not easy to manage whole of the process to find your best next customer

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